We have lift off!

Yesterday I attended the Mobile and Embedded Developers Conference now I have to say that mobile development isn’t my primary job function but I have dabbled here and there in creating mobile apps. All in all this was a great day, with some great pressos from the likes of Dr, Neil Roodyn and Dr Pete Stanski. Of course this was all topped off by a free I-Mate SP5 which I have to admit isn’t a bad little phone. There was one other thing that happened yesterday that is also worth mention, as you may recall I recently put up a … Continue reading We have lift off!


Well people it’s been a while (almost a month) since I last posted here so I thought a quick update post was in order. Not too much has been happening for me over the last month I’ve been working, working some more and then for a change a little more work. Obviously this is getting into my busy time of year so finding time to make a post is getting scarce I do have 2 big highlights though I’m going to the Mobile and Embedded Developers Conference this Thursday this will be a great day covering everything from app development … Continue reading Update

New usergroup in the making

It’s been a while since I’ve made a post here so I figured it would be good to give you all a quick update on whats been happening lately. So as we all know Office 2007 is on the way, as with any new software release and especially one as big as Office comes a whole lot of new quesions like “why has this object model changed?”, “whats so different between SharePoint Portal server and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server?” and of course “what on earth happened to the tool bars in all my favourite office applications?”. With this in mind … Continue reading New usergroup in the making