New usergroup in the making

It’s been a while since I’ve made a post here so I figured it would be good to give you all a quick update on whats been happening lately.

So as we all know Office 2007 is on the way, as with any new software release and especially one as big as Office comes a whole lot of new quesions like “why has this object model changed?”, “whats so different between SharePoint Portal server and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server?” and of course “what on earth happened to the tool bars in all my favourite office applications?”. With this in mind I met with 3 other colleagues Tim Wragg, Ed Richard, and William Cornwill to discuss the possiblity of starting a new usergroup dedicated to the pursuit of all things Office 2007. Of course at the moment we are in inital stages of getting this group up and running. However it would be great to get some feedback from people out there as to what you would like out of this usergroup discussion boards, blogs, presentation topics, freebies? etc…

So have a think about it, crank up your Office 2007 Beta 1 Tech Refresh and find out what you don’t know, then shoot through a reply to this message and we’ll see what we can do

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