Sony’s last ditch effort at stealing market share from Microsoft

As you may or may not know I enjoy a spot of gaming every now and then, my console of choice of course is an Xbox or an Xbox 360.  I also make a point of picking up the Official Xbox 360 magazine each month to keep up to date on what is available in the world of gaming.

Today however when I picked up the latest copy of OXM I was met with a  strange sight


Now to the untrained eye this image may look harmless enough but if you look closely you'll see that this magazine actually has a pretty major blemish. The disc that has been included with the XBOX360 magazine is in fact a Playstation 2 disc, and top that off its last month’s disc. By the time I noticed this I was already out of the shop and on my way back to the office to enjoy my lunch. So obviously I turned around and headed straight back to the newsagency where this atrocity occurred to try and sort things out.

Obviously the Newsagent was as perplexed as I was at the situation and informed me that as the magazines came sealed they preferred not to tamper with them less they get the accusing finger. As yet I had not broken the seal on my magazine for fear they they may not refund me for the stuff up, but I took the dive to see how deep the Sony corruption actually ran. To my relief the actual disc included with the magazine was the Xbox360 disc.

I'm not exactly sure how something like this happens but with the latest bombshell drop from Sony regarding the push back of the release date of the PS3 in PAL regions. I wouldn't be surprised if this was a last ditch effort to steal back some of their ever dwindling repore with the PAL based gaming community. Or perhaps OXM thought with all the hardcore Sony bunnies out there jumping ship, it may make them feel a little more comfortable to see a familiar logo during their transition.


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