Keeping the Irwin dream alive

As we all know 2 great Aussies passed away last week. Although I can't confess to knowing either of their careers intimately, I can say that  I now have a much better view of Steve Irwin after watching the tribute to his life and the wildlife conservation work that he was so passionate about.

With these thoughts in my mind this morning my colleagues and I came in direct contact with the wildlife that Steve fought to protect.

While setting up my laptop this morning I noticed a small pile of droppings on my desk, my first impression was that a possum had come to visit and left me a little present, to my surprise I was right! not only had a possum come to visit but had settled down for the night in the office.

Of course we promptly called the ranger in an effort to get the little guy back out to the wild as soon as possible (the longer he stayed the more likely he was to get hassled by the rest of his family for computer advice when he returned home and we all know how annoying that is :o)

Finally the Ranger arrived and amidst a quick dash into our boardroom managed to safely capture him for release back to the wild.

I have to admit I didn't manage to get many photos of our little visitor but I hear he may be back for some contract work in the future so I'll keep you posted :o)

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