Microsoft taking pricing advice from Sony

While on my lunch break today I decided to visit EB Games just to check out what's new what coming etc…

During my browsing however I noticed something that both shocked and confused me. An upcoming game for Xbox 360 which the whole community has been waiting for patiently since the Xbox launched had finally made its way to the "Coming Soon" section.

My Excitement however was soon extinguished when I noticed the price of this new game (Gears of War). A whopping $199.00, that’s almost a 3rd of the original console price!

Now I understand some games are better than others and that there are developers locked away in dungeons in the remote corners of our planet coming up with better graphics, stories and AI. Hell I'm a developer myself I even have an understanding of the pain they go through with changing requirements, but I can't see this justifying a near $200 price point.

After a little more pondering I figured it out Microsoft having such a mass of products all due to release in the next few of months including (Vista and Office 2007) have out sourced the pricing of their games to Sony. If this isn’t the case then they may very well become a victim of their own marketing department, with the war of the consoles about to hit fever pitch with the release of PS3 and WII I can see a lot of parents shunning both Microsoft and Sony for the cheaper alternative Nintendo.

As for me I think I'm going to have to wait for either a price drop or and pre-owned copy before I get my hands on this one [:(]


I'm happy to announce that the price I quoted Above AU$200 is incorrect after making this post I checked another EB games and found that the RRP price is AU$119. Thanks to all who responded with updates to the price looks like I'll be able to enjoy Gears Of War in all it's glory on "Emergence Day" [:D]

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