Office 2007 RTM is here !!!!

So last week I was greeted with a gret annoucement that Office 2007 client had made it to RTM.

Today I got the follow up to this great news, it’s now available on MSDN. So tonight I’ll be rushing home like a kid with his new console to download it and check it out. I’ll update you on the deployment tomorrow, apparently there are some instructions to follow to ensure that moving from TR to RTM is successful, although I haven’t checked these out yet. So I have some reading to do as well. With any luck it should be pretty straigh forward.

One thing I did notice however is that MOSS has not been released yet, which is fine I can understand a server product taking a little longer than the client product, but the beta download has also been removed from the MSDN site so I can only hope that I’ll see it up there soon.



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