Office RTM Product Key Issue Update

As you may recall earlier this week I upgraded my laptop to the Office 2007 RTM, however I ran into an issue with the product keys that were issued to me via the MSDN subscriber downloads (see previous Post for details). I’m happy to say I got some feedback from the MSDN team via my MVP contact on this issue (see below)


“Office 2007 Product Keys from Subscriber Downloads

Many Office 2007 applications were recently posted to Subscriber Downloads, however a unique product key was not posted for each product. Although these product keys are worth several activations, once a product key is used to activate a particular Office application, it can only be used to activate additional installations of the same application. For example, a single key was posted for Office Project 2007 and Office Visio 2007, however once the product key is used to activate an Office Project 2007 installation, it can only be used to activate other Office Project 2007 installations.


Additional product keys are expected to made available from the Subscriber Downloads’ Product Keys page on Tuesday November 21st, 2006. When the additional product keys are posted:”

With this in mind I think I’ll wait the couple of extra days before attempting to install Visio or OneNote after I get the Vista RTM installed.


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