My Vista RTM Upgrade

As you may or may not know the RTM of Vista was released last Friday to both the MSDN Subscriber downloads and the Connect website. I was lucky enough to have my copy finish downloading on Saturday and set about getting my PC prepped for install.

Much like the Office 2007 install I have come through the process unscathed. I started the rebuild at around 8:30pm on Sunday and by 9:30 I had my machine up and running with all its vista goodness.

The only issue I have found however is that when I attempted to hibernate my machine rather than powering off it decided to reboot, which wouldn’t bother me too much except I did experience this behaviour with my work laptop running Vista RC2 and I was hoping it had been fixed in the RTM. Hopefully I’ve just missed a check box somewhere but I’ll keep you posted.

Other than that my Vista upgrade experience was good, I’m up and running and without any major issues.

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