Brute Upgrades in Halo 3

So we all know that Halo 3 is on the way, and we know that bungie has a whole heap of new features up its sleeve. One of which was that we thought we would be able to play as the brutes (this however was squashed pretty quick by our friends at bungie) They did however release a video detailing some of the new Brutish features.If you want to check out this video I would suggest heading over to Joystiq to check it out  There were however a couple of other little tid bits I noticed while watching this video

  1. Brutes can now rip your arms off !!!!

  2. You can now dual wield power swords!!!!

I took some screen shots as best I could but if you really want to check it out I would suggest watching the original video in the link earlier.


I know you can see that these are not final renderings of the actual action, and we all know that features get cut from games before the goes gold i.e. the quad bike from Halo 2, but if these do get included it should make getting killed by a Brute much more entertaining and on the flip side killing a Brute much more fun.

4 thoughts on “Brute Upgrades in Halo 3

  1. i have played the beta of halo 3 and i saw that u can not duel swords and that u hold the swords differently. but they might change it so that u can in the real game. oh and about the brute`s kills, if u walk around the corner u will see a brute doing an activety like killing a soldir in a sitran way, thats whenu go ” oh shoot!” and open fire. that might be true. ” SPOILERS “

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