Guitar Hero 2 Rocks!!!

 Just over a week ago I made it to the big 25! For some that will conjure up old memories long forgotten for others it will help them remember how young they really are.

So why no post about this event, because of this



This is one of the 4 Xbox games I received for my birthday and has been consuming my every waking moment outside of work until now. In the times when my fingers were too sore and cramped I’ve been playing Rainbow 6 Vegas, TMNT and Crackdown. Much like my friend Dave I have to admit I have a slight addiction to my little white box and all the entertainment it has to offer and with that little nugget of self realization out of the way back to Guitar Hero.

So as I’ve said Guitar Hero rocks! This is one of those games that can be enjoyed by the hardcore gamer who has to beat the expert level just because they can and also the person who finds gaming just plain boring. This is what makes this game so good anyone can pick it up and within minutes be rocking out to a classic like Sweet Child O Mine or cruising along to Message in a Bottle, even my wife (who has threatened to sell my Xbox on a number of occasions) loves to pick up the axe.

So why have I spent so much time hammering away at this little beauty? Basically the game is broken up into 4 levels Easy, Medium, Hard and Expert each level increase means more notes and more complex combination of notes to make the song sound right. Making your way through the easy set of songs should be pretty breezy for most seasoned gamers however once you hit the higher levels you really start to feel the pinch as the notes come flying at you down the fret board.

To date I’ve managed to complete Easy and Medium but have been finding that I don’t quite have the finger dexterity to nail the hard or expert settings (even with all those years of real guitar playing behind me!)

So with my verbal diarrhoea of praise for Guitar Hero out of the way I’ll sign off until next time

Rock on!

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