Weekly Recap

What a week it has been from Monday to Wednesday I was presenting at the Asia Pacific SharePoint conference. This was a great event with lots of speaker from all over the globe. Ian Palangio from Microsoft and I presented 2 sessions both on InfoPath, the first was more of a what’s new in the zoo type session showing off some of the outlook integration and web enabled form functionality of InfoPath. The second was focused on extending your forms with managed code and also using your forms in an external facing website using the asp form viewer control. Personally what made this event so good (other than the content) was that there was a good mix of both technical people who wanted to know the finer details of SharePoint, and non-technical people who were purely there to see what SharePoint had to offer them.

Once I made it back to Melbourne I was greeted by my Xbox 360, yearning to download the Halo 3 Multiplayer beta. Sadly however this had to wait until Thursday night due to some issues at Bungie’s end. I did however manage to download it and I have to say this game is shaping up to be the greatest FPS of all time. Aside from the expected non-stop killing action the environments are simply amazing. Little things like realism of the water simply blows me away (actually it was AJAX311 that blew me away but the water looked so pretty during the whole ordeal).Finally on Friday my repaired O2 Atom was returned to me. While in the states my phone decided it was no longer going to charge so upon returning to Oz I promptly sent it off to the service centre to get repaired. Well after around 3 months and a lot of bad service I finally have my Atom back. Plus it has a new screen and upgraded firmware. So now I have no excuse again for being late to meetings [:)]Well I’m off now to finish setting up my SharePoint play server.


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