Contact Selector the Good and the Bad

This week I was working on an InfoPath solution that required the use of the Contact Selector Control that is included with InfoPath, basically this is an Active X control that you can use as a way of selecting accounts that exist on your SharePoint server (for more info on the control and how to set it up check out this post from the InfoPath team blog) Now there is a standing rule that Active X controls don’t work in form services however this control is the exception to that rule and can be used in a browser enabled form. This being said … Continue reading Contact Selector the Good and the Bad

Can’t find your SMTP server in Vista?

I was doing some dev work last night and found that as part of my solution I needed to send a notification email. So with the .net 2.0 email code all set up and ready to go, I headed off to the windows features to install a local SMTP server to do some testing. Imagine my surprise when I found that Microsoft had not included an SMTP server with Vista.  A quick search on the net confirmed this but also turned up this little gem, a free SMTP server that is reasonably light weight and can be installed and setup … Continue reading Can’t find your SMTP server in Vista?