XBox not feeling so well leading up to Christmas

Usually my evening routine includes some time unwinding with some time on my Xbox, last night however my Xbox decided that wasn’t going to happen. Officially my Xbox won’t read any discs that are placed in the drive. So like a good little consumer I called the support line and booked my console in for repair. The only issue is with sending a console back to a repair office this close to Christmas I don’t think it’s going to make it back home for the holiday season.

MVP Beer

Since I was awarded my MVP for InfoPath back in 2006, I’ve copped a lot of grief from my fellow work colleagues (all in jest of course) mostly this is related to the benefits that are included as part of the MVP program. The other day however I was happy to find another benefit that I didn’t know existed, while wandering through my local Aldi (don’t know why I was in there in the first place) I spotted this  

Breaking the Blogging Drought

Well it’s been a while since my last post, so time to break the drought and get you up to date with my last couple of months. Work wise I’ve been flat out on an Intranet replacement project using MOSS. Personally I’ve been flat out with MVP Academy Training and practice for the Werribee Carols by Candlelight. Finally from the MOSSIG side I’ve been busy getting ready for the MOSSIG end of year Christmas party. This is shaping up to be a great night, we’ll have food, give away’s and some great presentations of solutions that have been delivered throughout … Continue reading Breaking the Blogging Drought