Final MOSSIG for 2008

Last night was the final MOSSIG meeting for 2008 this was a great night with a broad range of presentations on the entire office system. A big thanks to all who attended and an even bigger thanks to Elaine, Eben, Kevin and Rai for presenting you guys rock. Finally congratulations to those who walked away with the copies of Office Ultimate and Visual Studio. Don’t forget to check out for details on the presentations and also to register so we can keep you informed of all the upcoming events next year.

My XBox made it home for Christmas!!!!

As you may recall I recently posted that my XBox had decided this whole Christmas thing was just too hard and packed it in. I’m happy to announce that the Microsoft Support team far exceeded my expectations and my repaired XBox returned yesterday just over a week after I sent it off. So after brief dashboard update I put Mass Effect back in and it ran like a charm, the drive is still pretty noisy when it spins up but if that’s the worst of it I can live with that. Props to MS Customer support for getting back and … Continue reading My XBox made it home for Christmas!!!!

Werribee Carols by Candlelight Rocked!!!

Last night I was playing at the Werribee Carols by Candle Light down at Werribee Mansion. This was an awesome night with over 10,000 people in attendance there was no way this couldn’t have gone off like a frog in a sock. I probably could have planned my day a little better though I first started off with some fishing in the bay from about 4am to 10am then got  back to sure just in time to have a shower and get back to the mansion by 12:30 to setup my gear, sound check and practice for the afternoon. Although … Continue reading Werribee Carols by Candlelight Rocked!!!

DVDetails Australian DVD Review Web site

Last night was the third last practice leading up to the Werribee Carols by Candlelight. While the practice went off with out much trouble afterwards I found out that my fellow guitarist Dave Adamson runs a DVD Review web site called DVDetails although this site doesn’t have a huge number of reviews just yet (roughly 60-80 at the moment) it does provide a real world view on the movies you want to see, rather than the poncy “I really like the concepts that the director was trying to convey here” type reviews that you can sometimes find in movie reviews. … Continue reading DVDetails Australian DVD Review Web site