DVDetails Australian DVD Review Web site

Last night was the third last practice leading up to the Werribee Carols by Candlelight. While the practice went off with out much trouble afterwards I found out that my fellow guitarist Dave Adamson runs a DVD Review web site called DVDetails although this site doesn’t have a huge number of reviews just yet (roughly 60-80 at the moment) it does provide a real world view on the movies you want to see, rather than the poncy “I really like the concepts that the director was trying to convey here” type reviews that you can sometimes find in movie reviews. It also includes a “Wife-o-meter” for each movie so you can judge if your better half will appreciate it as much as you or if you should wait until you have a guys night.

Finally it has a number of competitions and giveaways every week so there is always the chance of taking away some freebies, so head on over and check it out

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