Happy Chinese New Year!


Welcome to the Year of the Rat!

So I missed the usual Happy New Year post this year, and to top it off by the time I noticed it was too late to redeem myself so I figured why not wait until Chinese New Year to start my blog off for 2008.

Only a month an a half in to 2008 and so much has happened already here’s a quick run down

  • SDM was brought out by DWS
  • SDM moved office from South Melbourne to South Yarra (what is it about the south?)
  • I finished Guitar Hero 3 on Easy, Medium and on Coop Medium (Started on hard but my hand cramped)
  • Thanks to Christmas I increased my Xbox Game Collection substantially
  • I managed to save all limbs and both eyebrows despite my home made explosives on New Years eve.
  • Trekked over to Adelaide for the SDM Away days
  • Had my MVP status renewed for another year
  • Successfully registered for the MVP Summit 2008 (Seattle here I come!)
  • MOSSIG had the first meeting for 2008

While that’s the main stuff that comes to mind, there was more, but not too much worth mentioning. My Chinese new years resolution is to post more regularly and first order of business is to get some useful posts up here so stay tuned!

Finally I should let you know the next MOSSIG meeting is coming up in a little over 2 weeks on the 27th of Feb this should be a great night, We have Tim Wragg, Chris O’Connor and Myself all presenting so come along an have some food and a chat and check out the content. I’ll get a locked down agenda up in the next day or so

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