Windows 2008 SP1?

As you may have seen in my last post my Xbox is on the fritz so I thought I would setup a Window 2008 image and see if the performance gains for SharePoint that everyone keeps talking about really exist.

Anyway after finishing the setup I noticed something strange in the system properties



Still don’t spot it?


Apparently the windows team have found a way of addressing the SP1 mentality that exists with server admins everywhere. Include it in the initial product ?!?

One thought on “Windows 2008 SP1?

  1. Hi Ben, this was explained at the Launch event and in the private newsgroups. Since Server 2008 launched at the same time as Vista SP1 they simply applied the SP to it so that the code base remains consistent.

    Apparently, all future SPs for Vista and Server 2008 will be the same.

    This is directly from Microsoft at launch.


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