My Xbox is back online

Since moving house a week or so ago I’ve been faced with a dilemma  do I connect my Xbox to the Internet via wireless or do I attempt to run a pretty blue cable around the perimeter of the room and hard wire into the router located in my study. Well after some deliberation (and approval from the wife) I decided to get an Xbox 360 wireless adapter. Only problem was once I got home I found I couldn’t connect to my router, after an hours worth of “please hold Mr Walters while I check my resources” from customer support I decided to ping out for some help from my fellow MVP’s. Luckily Phil Webster came to my rescue, turns out that my Linksys WAG325N will only allow my Xbox 360 Wireless adapter to connect if the router is running the original firmware version of 1.006 (keeping in mind that the current firmware revision is 1.012) so after a quick downgrade of my firmware version I’m now back online!

Just waiting now for Linksys to fix their firmware issues

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  1. So since firmware release 1.00.06 there has been 1.00.08, 1.00.11 and now 1.00.12. The problem has not been resolved for THREE whole releases. Looks like Linksys is set on completely ignoring this Xbox 360 issue.

  2. What process did you take to downgrade? I am having the same issue right now.

    I called linksys and xbox 360 support with no help there. Linksys are sending me a beta of 1.00.13 tomorrow.

  3. Hey Scott,
    I simply downloaded the version 6 firmware from the Linksys site then loaded that into my router. Although I’d really like to get my hands on that v13 firmware, any idea when it will be publicly available?

  4. I will post a link to it once I get my hands on it. But it is only a beta version.

    Also tested the downgrade and didn’t work from my machine. Will test on another browser as I think it might be my mac.

  5. Got Beta version 1.00.13(1) which resolved my Xbox 360 issue but my TiVo doesn’t work. It didn’t work on 1.00.12 either.

    I will send you a copy of the beta firmware if you want?

  6. I installed the beta 1.00.13(1)

    1. My xbox360 now works with it.
    2. My games on PSN now works twice as fast
    3. My Dell Laptop M1720 does not connect every time.

    I have to constantly reset the router for my laptop to detect the wireless network. Once it sees it, it works perfectly. It just avoid to shut down my router, as every time I have to reboot it for it to get detected.
    With the previous release version 1.00.12, it works fine, but 360 does not connect, and PSN is sometimes slow.

    File can be found here:

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