Meet my Dragon!

I received an email this morning from my colleague Chris O’Connor, apparently I have a Dragon named after me. Nilcraban, the Brutal Dragon Type: dragon Mp: 2 / 1 Lv: 2 Rarity: specialAt: 6 Df: 5 Sp: 5 Element: fire +[Fire] Death Horn At 8 Mp 2 +[Light] Lighting Flame At 9 Mp 2 Ability:Nilcraban, the Brutal Dragon ยกเลิก Death Curse ขณะที่ Nilcraban, the Brutal Dragon ต่อสู้กับ [Water] Nilcraban, the Brutal Dragon At -2 Growth Condition: [Dragon] ธาตุ [Fire] ตั้งแต่ Lv2 ขึ้นไป + [Light]Skill Growth:ทิ้งการ์ด 2 ใบในมือผู้ใช้ Skill; ทำลาย Seal ที่กำลังร่าย 1 ใบ (Inf) (At Line) (Mp 4)Illustator: Sakapop SaobaiVersion: … Continue reading Meet my Dragon!

I’m still here!

Wow just had a look at my blog and it’s been nearly 2 months since I posted, were does the time go? First a quick catch up on what’s been happening over the past couple of months Been busy with preps for my new son who’s due in the next couple of months, currently he’s kicking away like a champ and making sure he keeps mum awake all night long :o) I’ve been getting ready for TechEd 2008 which I’m lucky enough to be presenting 2 sessions at this year.  Due to point 1 I’ve been attempting to clean out … Continue reading I’m still here!