Meet my Dragon!

I received an email this morning from my colleague Chris O’Connor, apparently I have a Dragon named after me.

Nilcraban, the Brutal Dragon

Type: dragon Mp: 2 / 1 Lv: 2 Rarity: special
At: 6 Df: 5 Sp: 5 Element: fire
+[Fire] Death Horn At 8 Mp 2
+[Light] Lighting Flame At 9 Mp 2
Nilcraban, the Brutal Dragon ยกเลิก Death Curse
ขณะที่ Nilcraban, the Brutal Dragon ต่อสู้กับ [Water] Nilcraban, the Brutal Dragon At -2
Growth Condition: [Dragon] ธาตุ [Fire] ตั้งแต่ Lv2 ขึ้นไป + [Light]
Skill Growth:
ทิ้งการ์ด 2 ใบในมือผู้ใช้ Skill; ทำลาย Seal ที่กำลังร่าย 1 ใบ (Inf) (At Line) (Mp 4)
Illustator: Sakapop Saobai
Version: Dragonology
Verno: 29


Now for those of you who don’t know Nilcraban has been my sign on name for about 5+ years now originally I came across it via a name generator app and is actually meant to represent my name in elvish (based on the elvish language designed JRR Tolkien), and in 5 years this is the first time I’ve seen it referring to anything else other than me.


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