Becoming a Live Search Advocate

Last night I attended a session at Microsoft Melbourne with Hugh Williams the partner development manager for Live Search at Microsoft. Like most I’ve always been a Google searcher however after this session I’ve decided it’s time to give live search another go. The first thing that really impressed me was Live’s image search, while very similar to Google it has a couple of features that make it a much nicer experience. Also I was astounded by how good Live’s video search was, not only does it return you a thumbnail list of results but Live have pre-crawled and pre-compiled a huge number of summary clips. What this means for you is that you can actually hover over the returned result and see a shortened version of the clip to see if it’s what your looking for.

The final thing that really amazed me was some of the storage stats around the size of some of their cache data which is to say the least amazing!

So from now on my first point of call for search will be Live, of course if that fails then I’ll move back to Google but hopefully I won’t have to.

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