Presenting at Office DevCon

Looks like my first week of work at my new employer just got busy, in my first week it looks like I’ll be heading up to Sydney to present at the 2008 Office DevCon. This is a great event that I’ve wanted to get to last year but was unable to, “Office DevCon is an annual community-driven conference that allows Microsoft Office developers and power users to come together in one location to hear expert speakers present on a wide range of Microsoft Office-related topics.” As is expected I’ll be presenting some InfoPath based content, for more info including a … Continue reading Presenting at Office DevCon

Week one as Dad is over

Last Thursday I had one of the biggest changes come into my life, little Thomas Frederick Walters. In one week so much has changed, I have a new found affection and sense of pride for Mum who went through so much to get him into this world and also the staff at Frances Perry who put up with us, and finally for my little man Thomas, who so far has showed that he can sleep through anything as long as his tummy is full of milk. Quick thanks to everyone who sent through well wishes and comments.