Setting portal breadcrumb for your MySite host

One of the requests I get a lot when setting up a MOSS intranet’s is that the user has a way to link back to the main portal from their MySite, much like the bread crumbs that appear through out the other areas of MOSS

Doing this is actually pretty easy although the settings to do this are hidden by SharePoint. First thing is first log in as your system account, then navigate to the MySite host

2-12-2008 10-23-37 AM

Now you’re logged onto the MySite as the system account, which will give you access to the site settings for the MySite Site collection

2-12-2008 10-24-22 AM

Under the “Site Collection Administration” group click on the “Portal site connection” link

2-12-2008 10-25-01 AM

Now it’s simply a matter of entering your portal URL, and a “Friendly” name that will appear on screen

2-12-2008 10-25-34 AM

Click ok to save your changes and Tadaaa! you now have a bread crumb that will navigate you back to your root portal site

2-12-2008 10-26-01 AM

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