IE8 Gets Release Candidate

Got the notification this morning that IE8 has officially gone RC1, if you’re running the Partner preview this will not automatically update so you’ll need to head on over to the Internet Explorer Beta Website to download the latest copy.

New PerformancePoint user group on the horizon

Yesterday I received an email from an old colleague of mine Adrian Downes, letting me know that there is a new User group starting up in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide dedicated to all things PerformancePoint, while a launch date for the Australian PerformancePoint Special Interest Group (APSIG) is still on the way you can check out more details on the group and who’s involved here

My Favourite Windows 7 Features

Recently I upgraded my work laptop to Windows 7, so far I’m enjoying the new OS from Microsoft and while there are obviously a lot of upgrades under the cover I though I would highlight my personal top 3 features in no particular order New Start Menu Probably one of the main features that will cause some commotion amongst users who are upgrading, personally I love it I’ve already noticed an increase in my productivity simply from this small design change. Rather than having to filter through all my open windows I can now find the window I want by … Continue reading My Favourite Windows 7 Features

SharePoint Designer Workflow Gottcha

Recently I’ve been working on improving some internal processes at Stargate, one of these processes related to submitting travel requests. I ran into issues however, when I started building the workflow in SharePoint designer. My workflow was pretty simple but did require that an email be sent to a distribution group setup in Exchange. My problem was that even though the workflow showed that it had completed successfully no email had been sent. Naturally I made the obvious test to see if the distribution group existed and a quick email from Outlook confirmed this. I also double checked both the … Continue reading SharePoint Designer Workflow Gottcha