SharePoint 503 Service Unavailable Error

For the last couple of days I’ve been doing some work on a SharePoint event handler which was progressing at a good rate until I started getting a “503 Service unavailable” error after deploying an update. After some searching it turned out that when WSP builder deployed the update for my Event Handler the App Pools for the SharePoint site failed to start. After restarting these from IIS manager all was good. Not sure exactly why the App Pools decided they didn’t want to come back up as I couldn’t spot any issues in the event logs on the server, … Continue reading SharePoint 503 Service Unavailable Error

SharePoint Designer at no extra cost

Wow where does the time go I just had a look and my last post was on the 27 of Jan lot has happened since then and lots to tell but this is a quick post before I head back out in to the fray. I got news the other day that SharePoint Designer that Application we all know and love (and hate at times) will officially be a free download from 1-Apr-2009. Also any existing licensed SPD users will be upgraded to expression web. Ok that’s it for now time to get going