SharePoint 503 Service Unavailable Error

For the last couple of days I’ve been doing some work on a SharePoint event handler which was progressing at a good rate until I started getting a “503 Service unavailable” error after deploying an update.

After some searching it turned out that when WSP builder deployed the update for my Event Handler the App Pools for the SharePoint site failed to start. After restarting these from IIS manager all was good. Not sure exactly why the App Pools decided they didn’t want to come back up as I couldn’t spot any issues in the event logs on the server, but all is well now.

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  1. 503 is most of the time related to the app pool you may have changed identity password also make sure you can access the administration console

  2. Yep, bit by this too. And I didn’t pick up that the App Pools weren’t actually running until I read this post–so thanks. Guess I need to pay more attention to those IIS Manager app pool icons next time.

  3. I have recived this misery message and i survived:
    First Case#1: Interface IP configuration problem.
    Look your local driver E:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\host
    If you see any entry like this:
    fe80::9069:9334:813e:868 ComputerName # Added by Office SharePoint Server Search (6/8/2010 4:45 AM). It means office sharepoint server is removing your ip 4 entry.
    Then you have problem of IP 4 & 6 conflicts so to solve it disactivate the IP V6 of your interface and remove the entry and run IISRESET. The problem is gone.
    Second case #2: Exchange server version 2003 problem.
    Administrative tools->IIS->Default website->properties->ASP.Net choose version 2.0.
    Run IIS RESET and the problem is gone.

    Case #3: Exchange server version 2007 problem.
    isapifiler for exchange when bad request arrives. change precondition to 32 or 64
    IIS configuration sections

    i hope this will help u.but i wonder if sp 2007 default ip is ip 6. really this is the jungle of ip 4 and 6, os 32 and 64 we are in transitional period.

  4. This really helped! THANK YOU! I have been playing around with SP 2010 and installed it on my Dell PowerEdge 1800 server. Everything was running fine and a few days ago I created a new Publishing site but I got a Service Unavailable error. Prior to creating the new site, AD had prompted me to change my password, which I did. I’ve tried everything from restarting IIS to resetting SP services, but nothing worked, until I read your post along with another post. I checked the application pools in IIS, and sure enough they weren’t started and everytime I tried to start thee pools they stopped. I had to go into Advance setting and reenter the Identity account and type the new password. However, I got an error stating I entered the password incorrectly, so somehow the password got corrupted. So I went into AD and reset the password to the current password and went back to the Application Pool, Advance Setting, Process Model, and entered the user the password for the Identity account and this time it worked! I was able to restart the application pools without it stopping again. I am now able to get to see the new site along with all the other sites that started getting the 503 Error.

    THANKS for this post!

  5. I wish that this had been the case for me. I wound up having to reinstall SharePoint . . . not a pleasant thing to do on a Monday . . .

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