SharePoint Timer Service issues when upgrading to SP2

Last week I had my first official deployment of SharePoint SP2 in the field. While most of the install succeeded with out any issues I did run into a problem while I was attempting to run the configuration wizard. The error I received indicated that the Timer service failed to start. My first idea was to start the Timer service manually and then re run the configuration wizard.

This approach soon came to a halt, when I started the timer service the service began attempting to run the scheduled update jobs in the background. This caused issues as the configuration wizard would not start as it believed there was an update already in progress.

So now I was stuck with a server that was apparently updating but I had no idea if this was actually happening or not. So after doing some hunting I found I could force the upgrade using STSADM. However I still had the issue that SharePoint thought an upgrade was already in progress.

After a little more hunting I found the following command to reset the Upgrade running status;

STSADM –o setproperty –pn command-line-upgrade-running –pv no

then I ran this command to execute the upgrade using the command line

PSCONFIG –cmd upgrade –inplace b2b –wait –force

10-15 minutes later I was up and running.

5 thoughts on “SharePoint Timer Service issues when upgrading to SP2

  1. Did you face any issues with the OOB Advanced search web-part after installing Sp2. In my case Contains” and “Does not contain” drop down list items in property restrictions area just vanishes!!!

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