Get your wireless working in Win 2008 R2

This evening I began rebuilding my laptop with Windows 2008 R2, while the install went swimmingly I did run into an issue once my machine was up and running, I couldn’t connect to my wireless network. The now the obvious issue would be that the drivers for my wireless adapter were missing but further investigation cleared that up. My adapter was there but no wireless networks were detected.

So off to the fabled internet I went in search of answers. Turns out the Wireless Auto Configuration service is not installed on the server products by default. Open up the server feature manager and low and behold all the way at the bottom is the option to install the Wireless Auto Configuration Manager. Five minutes  later I was connected again.

Now to finish my rebuild before tomorrow morning :os

3 thoughts on “Get your wireless working in Win 2008 R2

  1. Cool stuff buddy.

    Took me four hours to try it but did a google search and your blog came up first.

    In case anyone realizes this or not the Wireless LAN service is a defined “Feature” and not in services.msc where i was searching for it.

  2. Thanks for posting, wow struggled for a while with this, glad to find your blog post here. For an update, this service is called “Wireless LAN Service” and not ‘Wirelss Auto Configuration Service’. To add the service, open up server manager and hit the features as Ben states. Scroll down, mine was second from bottom. Cheers

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