Where did my files go?

I’ve been running windows 7 for a while now on both my home and work PC’s and all in all I’ve been pretty impressed. However, today I found one feature/bug that I can see will cause no end of pain.

Today I decided to download the R2 of Windows 2008, so after firing up the Microsoft Transfer Manager selecting the C drive as my download location and then waiting for the next couple of hours my transfer was complete.

The problem, the file I had supposedly stored on my C Drive was no where to be seen. I did some checking in the FTM to be sure the transfer hadn’t failed, but still no file to be found.


So after some much heated clicking around I noticed the following button


Turns out that the file I told FTM to stored in c:\ was placed in “c:\Users\<UserName>\AppData\Local\VirtualStore”


Not very intuitive place to put things Microsoft

One thought on “Where did my files go?

  1. I know your pain. When i compiled my game and tried to run it from explorer it was not there. After about an 30 mins of searching on the drive and on the web i found a site that had a registry fix so you could “access” your own folders in /users. I found where the files that my compiler made, but of course even when it showed no errors the executable just dissapeared from there as well. If you got any ideas let me know, because if i don’t find a solution tonight i will never use this OS again. Plus i would really love to know what drugs the dev teams are using these days to even try to implement something so asinine. It is a simple process, my files should be right where i put them. Not in a folder i can not even access.

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