As the dust settles from SharePoint Saturday Sydney


The very first international SharePoint Saturday is now complete and so far all feedback has been very positive. First I’d like to say a big thankyou to all the speakers that made the effort to put their sessions together, and an even bigger thankyou to those speakers who trekked both from interstate and also internationally. All sessions were very well received as is evident by the feedback we heard at the pub afterwards;

I was expecting user-group level presentations, but these were as good as anything I’d see at Tech Ed.”

–SharePoint Saturday Sydney Attendee

Secondly I’d like to shout out big props to Brian Farnhill who was instrumental in making the day as successful as it was.

While I have a couple of days off now with the family to rest and relax, I have taken some time to have a think about lessons learned and things to change for the next SharePoint Saturday which both Brian and I are hoping will be as big if not better than our first endeavour, the top 2 that spring to mind  are 1. Make sure we have coffee for attendees, decaffeinated IT people can be a very agitated bunch 2. Don’t be afraid to think bigger, while we were organising this event I found myself thinking we would have trouble to get sponsorship, or attendees or speakers but it turns out if the event is there the support will follow close behind.

Now if you happen to be in Adelaide this coming weekend 15th August then be sure to check out for details on the SPS event happening over there and if not then check out some of these pics from SharePoint Saturday Sydney

IMG_2053 IMG_2057

 IMG_2059 IMG_2063

 IMG_2065 IMG_2066

IMG_2067  IMG_2071

 IMG_2075 IMG_2074

 IMG_2083 IMG_2077


 IMG_2081  IMG_2078


 IMG_2097 IMG_2091

 IMG_2090 IMG_2104


 IMG_2113 IMG_2147

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