Using InfoPath 2010 Today

Well this has taken a lot longer than I would have liked to get this recording up on the web. Here it is, my session that I presented at the MOSSIG September meeting enjoy. Unfortunately the original recording I made on the night didn’t come out as well I would have liked so I had to re-record the session. I’ve done my best to address any questions that were asked on the night however if I’ve missed some please feel free to shoot them through on the comments and I’ll respond asap.

MOSSIG follow up SharePoint installer project from Codeplex

Hey everyone as promised here is the link to the SharePoint web Part project template for Visual Studio 2008 that I showed last night. Also don’t forget Will mentioned that a full VSE for Visual Studio 2008 is due out in the next couple of months. I’ll do my best to put up link to this as soon as I know more.   Finally a big thanks to all who attended and presented last night, and don’t forget to checkout MOSSIG.Net for all details on upcoming presentations and news. Technorati Tags: Codeplex,SharePoint,MOSS,Webpart

MOSSIG Agenda for 27th Feb

So as promised here is the agenda for the upcoming MOSSIG meeting on the 27th of Feb, be sure to head on over to the MOSSIG site and register so we have an idea of catering requirements Ben Walters – “Developing Web Parts using Visual Studio 2008 and the Web Part Template Project” SDM Ben will be showing you how to develop Web Parts for SharePoint2007 quickly and easily using the Web Part Template project from Codeplex. Tim Wragg – ‘Adventures in the SharePointDesigner’ Professional Advantage The SP Designer is one of the great unknowns with little help and guidance … Continue reading MOSSIG Agenda for 27th Feb

Final MOSSIG for 2008

Last night was the final MOSSIG meeting for 2008 this was a great night with a broad range of presentations on the entire office system. A big thanks to all who attended and an even bigger thanks to Elaine, Eben, Kevin and Rai for presenting you guys rock. Finally congratulations to those who walked away with the copies of Office Ultimate and Visual Studio. Don’t forget to check out for details on the presentations and also to register so we can keep you informed of all the upcoming events next year.

Office TR -> RTM Install

  So as you may have read yesterday I was heading home to download Office 2007 RTM and get it up and running. I’m happy to say I’ve come through the experience pretty much unscathed, after finally getting the program suite down and burning it to disc I was ready to go. Now because this is an RTM and not just an upgrade from TR I had to uninstall all my existing Office 2007 programs including the beta of VSTO (still haven’t got to installing that yet). Anyway once I had my old version of Office taken care of it … Continue reading Office TR -> RTM Install