Sidebar Gadgets Ahoy!

Since the release of the Vista RTM there have been a couple of guys around the office who have put their mental muscle towards some sidebar gadget development. Alex Burton created a nifty little gadget that monitors your current download quota, it’s only limited to people who have Optus net as their ISP but still pretty cool. As I understand it between monitoring his downloads and work he’s feverishly trying to get an updated version but until then this will have to do Chris O’Connor created a cool little gadget that lists the top 10 stories from either The Age … Continue reading Sidebar Gadgets Ahoy!

Cool Image burning tool for Vista

Since upgrading to the RTM of Vista I’ve made one very key observation, the lack of support by major burning programs e.g. Nero. Of course there are a lot of the everyday burning features built into Vista however one thing it did lack was the ability to burn ISO images to CD/DVD. Luckily I discovered this cool little tool called ISORecorder, The best thing about this little utility is that it installs as a power toy so burning an ISO image to disc is a simple as clicking the image file on your machine and selecting burn to disc. Plus … Continue reading Cool Image burning tool for Vista

My Vista RTM Upgrade

As you may or may not know the RTM of Vista was released last Friday to both the MSDN Subscriber downloads and the Connect website. I was lucky enough to have my copy finish downloading on Saturday and set about getting my PC prepped for install. Much like the Office 2007 install I have come through the process unscathed. I started the rebuild at around 8:30pm on Sunday and by 9:30 I had my machine up and running with all its vista goodness. The only issue I have found however is that when I attempted to hibernate my machine rather … Continue reading My Vista RTM Upgrade

VISTA RTM is Here !!!!!!

My Good friend Tim Wragg just informed me that the Windows Vista RTM has been released, good news for everyone who has been beta testing as well as you can download a copy of the RTM from the Connect website. Naturally I’ve logged into my home PC and kicked off the download. With any luck it should be complete by tomorrow some time. I’ll keep you posted on how the setup goes