Games missing from XBLA that I wish were there

Tonight a friend and I headed out to see the new Star Trek film at Hoyts in Melbourne. While we waited for the film to start we got to talking/reminiscing about some of the games we spent our youth playing. Some where between our recount of Grim Fandango and X-Wing Alliance we came to the conclusion that there is a lot of IP out there in the games industry that is ripe to be ported to Xbox Live Arcade. For example Lucas Arts has around 7 titles that I can think of off the top of my head that were … Continue reading Games missing from XBLA that I wish were there

My Xbox is back online

Since moving house a week or so ago I’ve been faced with a dilemma  do I connect my Xbox to the Internet via wireless or do I attempt to run a pretty blue cable around the perimeter of the room and hard wire into the router located in my study. Well after some deliberation (and approval from the wife) I decided to get an Xbox 360 wireless adapter. Only problem was once I got home I found I couldn’t connect to my router, after an hours worth of “please hold Mr Walters while I check my resources” from customer support … Continue reading My Xbox is back online

Why do early adopters get screwed over all the time?

Ok so before you read this you should know that I’m one of the biggest advocates of Microsoft technology. I’m always the first to jump into a verbal bout over the Xbox 360 to Playstation 3 debate but at the moment my commitment is feeling a little shaky. You see today marks the 3rd time my Xbox 360 has RROD’d on me. So while I would usually be sitting down making my way through Lost Odyssey I’ve had some time to think. See I was at the front of the line 2 years ago at my local EB games when … Continue reading Why do early adopters get screwed over all the time?

My XBox made it home for Christmas!!!!

As you may recall I recently posted that my XBox had decided this whole Christmas thing was just too hard and packed it in. I’m happy to announce that the Microsoft Support team far exceeded my expectations and my repaired XBox returned yesterday just over a week after I sent it off. So after brief dashboard update I put Mass Effect back in and it ran like a charm, the drive is still pretty noisy when it spins up but if that’s the worst of it I can live with that. Props to MS Customer support for getting back and … Continue reading My XBox made it home for Christmas!!!!

XBox not feeling so well leading up to Christmas

Usually my evening routine includes some time unwinding with some time on my Xbox, last night however my Xbox decided that wasn’t going to happen. Officially my Xbox won’t read any discs that are placed in the drive. So like a good little consumer I called the support line and booked my console in for repair. The only issue is with sending a console back to a repair office this close to Christmas I don’t think it’s going to make it back home for the holiday season.

Halo 3 Launch

 Last night I attended the midnight launch of Halo 3. Finally after 3 years the story will be completed. Once more I was the first in line and at roughly 12:15 I was back in my study unwrapping my fancy new Spartan helmet. So far the game is brilliant, graphics (although not on the level of a Gears of War or Bioshock) are a big step up from Halo 2. Well it’s back to the fight for me, check out the pics below of cool limited edition packaging (by far the best limited edition I’ve seen for a game yet)

Weekly Recap

What a week it has been from Monday to Wednesday I was presenting at the Asia Pacific SharePoint conference. This was a great event with lots of speaker from all over the globe. Ian Palangio from Microsoft and I presented 2 sessions both on InfoPath, the first was more of a what’s new in the zoo type session showing off some of the outlook integration and web enabled form functionality of InfoPath. The second was focused on extending your forms with managed code and also using your forms in an external facing website using the asp form viewer control. Personally what … Continue reading Weekly Recap

Guitar Hero 2 Rocks!!!

 Just over a week ago I made it to the big 25! For some that will conjure up old memories long forgotten for others it will help them remember how young they really are. So why no post about this event, because of this     This is one of the 4 Xbox games I received for my birthday and has been consuming my every waking moment outside of work until now. In the times when my fingers were too sore and cramped I’ve been playing Rainbow 6 Vegas, TMNT and Crackdown. Much like my friend Dave I have to … Continue reading Guitar Hero 2 Rocks!!!

Brute Upgrades in Halo 3

So we all know that Halo 3 is on the way, and we know that bungie has a whole heap of new features up its sleeve. One of which was that we thought we would be able to play as the brutes (this however was squashed pretty quick by our friends at bungie) They did however release a video detailing some of the new Brutish features.If you want to check out this video I would suggest heading over to Joystiq to check it out  There were however a couple of other little tid bits I noticed while watching this video Brutes can now rip … Continue reading Brute Upgrades in Halo 3