New HTC P3600i

Yesterday I picked up my new phone, after my O2 atom failed for the second time I thought it was time to change manufacturers . So after some research and purchasing approval I picked up my new HTC P3600i. So far this thing is great, it’s running Windows Mobile 6, has 3g support plus it also has an in built GPS antenna (sadly no GPS software is included out of the box but that’s a situation I soon hope to rectify).All this plus it’s light as a feather, sleek and sexy to boot. So far I’ve only installed the basic … Continue reading New HTC P3600i

Sidebar Gadgets Ahoy!

Since the release of the Vista RTM there have been a couple of guys around the office who have put their mental muscle towards some sidebar gadget development. Alex Burton created a nifty little gadget that monitors your current download quota, it’s only limited to people who have Optus net as their ISP but still pretty cool. As I understand it between monitoring his downloads and work he’s feverishly trying to get an updated version but until then this will have to do Chris O’Connor created a cool little gadget that lists the top 10 stories from either The Age … Continue reading Sidebar Gadgets Ahoy!