Web Service Studio

Ok so I know that this utility is nothing new but this is something I’ve found very useful especially when developing with the SharePoint web services. It basically allows you to make calls to a web service and see the returned results (simple I know but very useful) So why blog about it now? well it used to be when I was out on client site and needed to test a web service I would head over to GotDotNet and pull down the latest copy. Since GDN moved to MSDN I’ve found this tool near on impossible to track down. … Continue reading Web Service Studio

MOSSIG follow up SharePoint installer project from Codeplex

Hey everyone as promised here is the link to the SharePoint web Part project template for Visual Studio 2008 that I showed last night. Also don’t forget Will mentioned that a full VSE for Visual Studio 2008 is due out in the next couple of months. I’ll do my best to put up link to this as soon as I know more.   Finally a big thanks to all who attended and presented last night, and don’t forget to checkout MOSSIG.Net for all details on upcoming presentations and news. Technorati Tags: Codeplex,SharePoint,MOSS,Webpart

Can’t find your SMTP server in Vista?

I was doing some dev work last night and found that as part of my solution I needed to send a notification email. So with the .net 2.0 email code all set up and ready to go, I headed off to the windows features to install a local SMTP server to do some testing. Imagine my surprise when I found that Microsoft had not included an SMTP server with Vista.  A quick search on the net confirmed this but also turned up this little gem, http://softstack.com/freesmtp.html a free SMTP server that is reasonably light weight and can be installed and setup … Continue reading Can’t find your SMTP server in Vista?