Accessing Active Directory from an InfoPath Form

The embedded video below highlights how to load user details from Active Directory into your InfoPath form. The solution highlighted uses the LDAP Webservice found on codeplex to make the LDAP connection. The best thing about this approach is that the search method included in the service pretty much takes care of returning around 90% of the data you might need to get back from your AD.   Once again big shout out to the guys at Camtasia for making this so easy to record

I’m still here!

Wow just had a look at my blog and it’s been nearly 2 months since I posted, were does the time go? First a quick catch up on what’s been happening over the past couple of months Been busy with preps for my new son who’s due in the next couple of months, currently he’s kicking away like a champ and making sure he keeps mum awake all night long :o) I’ve been getting ready for TechEd 2008 which I’m lucky enough to be presenting 2 sessions at this year.  Due to point 1 I’ve been attempting to clean out … Continue reading I’m still here!

Filtered Drop Down Lists 101 Part 2

Now for the long awaited second half of my post on working with Filtered Drop down lists. In my first post I showed you how to created filtered drop down lists using the InfoPath rich client. In this post I will show you how to achieve the same functionality in a web based form. The biggest draw back about creating this functionality in a web based form is that filtered fields are not supported in web based forms. So we need to create another means to filter our data, an external data source like a web service for example provides … Continue reading Filtered Drop Down Lists 101 Part 2

Contact Selector the Good and the Bad

This week I was working on an InfoPath solution that required the use of the Contact Selector Control that is included with InfoPath, basically this is an Active X control that you can use as a way of selecting accounts that exist on your SharePoint server (for more info on the control and how to set it up check out this post from the InfoPath team blog) Now there is a standing rule that Active X controls don’t work in form services however this control is the exception to that rule and can be used in a browser enabled form. This being said … Continue reading Contact Selector the Good and the Bad