Filtered Drop Down Lists 101

A couple of weeks ago I received an email from Dominic asking for help with creating filtered drop down lists in InfoPath. So I thought I would put together a couple of posts on how to achieve this functionality in both InfoPath 2003 and InfoPath 2007. For this post I’m going to look at how to filter drop down data while using the InfoPath client, as filtering of data is not supported in browser based forms I will cover this in a separate post. The first thing we are going to need is some data to filter, at the end of … Continue reading Filtered Drop Down Lists 101

Contact Selector the Good and the Bad

This week I was working on an InfoPath solution that required the use of the Contact Selector Control that is included with InfoPath, basically this is an Active X control that you can use as a way of selecting accounts that exist on your SharePoint server (for more info on the control and how to set it up check out this post from the InfoPath team blog) Now there is a standing rule that Active X controls don’t work in form services however this control is the exception to that rule and can be used in a browser enabled form. This being said … Continue reading Contact Selector the Good and the Bad