SharePoint Saturday Melbourne! 14th November

It’s now officially official, SharePoint Saturday Melbourne is locked in and scheduled for November 14th the site is now live and we are accepting Speaker Submissions so head on over to and start getting those presentation idea’s down, we will stop accepting session submissions on Oct 21st so make sure you get your ideas in, don’t forget to when making submissions this will be occurring after the SharePoint Conference in Vegas so we should have a lot more freedom to talk about some of the new features of 2010. We’ll also have event registration open in the coming days … Continue reading SharePoint Saturday Melbourne! 14th November

SharePoint Saturday Sydney Registrations now open

Registrations for SharePoint Saturday Sydney are now open, so if you are planning to attend I recommend you head over now and follow the “Click to Attend” link Also don’t forget if you have any session ideas you can also forward them through using the form on the site.

ANNOUNCING SharePoint Saturday Sydney!

It’s official SharePoint Saturday will be happening on the 8th of August at the Microsoft office in North Ryde. For those of you who don’t know SharePoint Saturday is the tech community craze that’s been sweeping the U.S. (and more recently the world) Originally stared by Michael Lotter the SharePoint Saturday event is based around having a single day of sessions all about SharePoint that is totally free. “Join SharePoint architects, developers, and other professionals that work with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 for ‘SharePoint Saturday’ event.  SharePoint Saturday is an educational, informative & lively day filled with sessions from … Continue reading ANNOUNCING SharePoint Saturday Sydney!

Get SharePoint host headers working locally in Windows 2008 R2

So as we all know by now I recently rebuilt my machine with Windows 2008 R2. My main reason for doing this is so I could have a fully functional SharePoint development environment that runs locally without the need for virtual machines. Plus I now have the option of using Hyper-V when I do have the need for a virtual environment. I did however run into an issue when I attempted to setup my local development SharePoint site. Personally I prefer to have my local dev site under a host header, this time I decided to use spdev.local as my … Continue reading Get SharePoint host headers working locally in Windows 2008 R2

SharePoint Timer Service issues when upgrading to SP2

Last week I had my first official deployment of SharePoint SP2 in the field. While most of the install succeeded with out any issues I did run into a problem while I was attempting to run the configuration wizard. The error I received indicated that the Timer service failed to start. My first idea was to start the Timer service manually and then re run the configuration wizard. This approach soon came to a halt, when I started the timer service the service began attempting to run the scheduled update jobs in the background. This caused issues as the configuration … Continue reading SharePoint Timer Service issues when upgrading to SP2

Office SP2 to release next week

Officially the second service pack for the Office suite will release next week, and while I’m sure there are a whole swag of features, additions and security improvements that will not be immediately visible to the naked eye. There are a couple of things that peaked my interest when reading through the summary of updates on the “Microsoft Update Product Team Blog” The first piece of information that caught my eye was the addition of a new STSADM command for assessing how ready your SharePoint server is for upgrade to O14, and also provides best practice feedback for your current … Continue reading Office SP2 to release next week

SharePoint 503 Service Unavailable Error

For the last couple of days I’ve been doing some work on a SharePoint event handler which was progressing at a good rate until I started getting a “503 Service unavailable” error after deploying an update. After some searching it turned out that when WSP builder deployed the update for my Event Handler the App Pools for the SharePoint site failed to start. After restarting these from IIS manager all was good. Not sure exactly why the App Pools decided they didn’t want to come back up as I couldn’t spot any issues in the event logs on the server, … Continue reading SharePoint 503 Service Unavailable Error

SharePoint Designer Workflow Gottcha

Recently I’ve been working on improving some internal processes at Stargate, one of these processes related to submitting travel requests. I ran into issues however, when I started building the workflow in SharePoint designer. My workflow was pretty simple but did require that an email be sent to a distribution group setup in Exchange. My problem was that even though the workflow showed that it had completed successfully no email had been sent. Naturally I made the obvious test to see if the distribution group existed and a quick email from Outlook confirmed this. I also double checked both the … Continue reading SharePoint Designer Workflow Gottcha

Setting portal breadcrumb for your MySite host

One of the requests I get a lot when setting up a MOSS intranet’s is that the user has a way to link back to the main portal from their MySite, much like the bread crumbs that appear through out the other areas of MOSS Doing this is actually pretty easy although the settings to do this are hidden by SharePoint. First thing is first log in as your system account, then navigate to the MySite host Now you’re logged onto the MySite as the system account, which will give you access to the site settings for the MySite Site … Continue reading Setting portal breadcrumb for your MySite host

SharePoint Server 2007 Anonymous Access Gotcha!

Today for the first time I was attempting to create a SharePoint site with Anonymous Access. As I usually do when attempting to trying something new I fired up my MOSSDEMO image and promptly created a new web application. However after following all the steps to the letter in Inside Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 book I was still being prompted for windows credentials when I attempted to access the site. After attempting the set up 2 or 3 times it dawned on me, “I was using windows authentication to access the WSS_Content database” so when I hit my site … Continue reading SharePoint Server 2007 Anonymous Access Gotcha!