Where did my files go?

I’ve been running windows 7 for a while now on both my home and work PC’s and all in all I’ve been pretty impressed. However, today I found one feature/bug that I can see will cause no end of pain. Today I decided to download the R2 of Windows 2008, so after firing up the Microsoft Transfer Manager selecting the C drive as my download location and then waiting for the next couple of hours my transfer was complete. The problem, the file I had supposedly stored on my C Drive was no where to be seen. I did some … Continue reading Where did my files go?

My Favourite Windows 7 Features

Recently I upgraded my work laptop to Windows 7, so far I’m enjoying the new OS from Microsoft and while there are obviously a lot of upgrades under the cover I though I would highlight my personal top 3 features in no particular order New Start Menu Probably one of the main features that will cause some commotion amongst users who are upgrading, personally I love it I’ve already noticed an increase in my productivity simply from this small design change. Rather than having to filter through all my open windows I can now find the window I want by … Continue reading My Favourite Windows 7 Features

Windows 7 Currently being announced

Ryan Block from engadget is currently at the announcement of Windows 7 the successor to Vista, he’s doing a blow by blow blog as it happens head on over to http://www.engadget.com/2008/05/27/live-from-d-gates-and-ballmer-debut-windows-7/ to check it out