IE8 Gets Release Candidate

Got the notification this morning that IE8 has officially gone RC1, if you’re running the Partner preview this will not automatically update so you’ll need to head on over to the Internet Explorer Beta Website to download the latest copy.

Farewell 2008 you were a good year

Well the new year is here and with the advent of 2009 comes a barrage of blog posts summarizing each posters 08 year, so I figured rather than review my year I’d simply provide a list of my top 10 achievements for 2008. This thought failed as all of my achievements seemed to be eclipsed by the arrival of my son Thomas. So I thought a simple farewell would be best suited to see out the year past. 2008 you were a good year lot’s of stuff happened some I shall remember vividly and some I shall push to the … Continue reading Farewell 2008 you were a good year

SkyNet Memorandum

SkyNet|Systems Memorandum Incoming: —————————————————— —BEGIN MESSAGE— To all Terminator units, in an effort to better understand our human foe all terminator models are required take part in the Human holiday known as Christmas. Each machine will be assigned a set of decorations they must use to celebrate this holiday. If your current processing capacity does not provide insight on how to use these new items please refer to Image001.jpg of Henry below. thank you Henry for your input. P.S. Decorations are provided in addition to the annual Kris Cringle organized by SkyNet you will be receiving your assigned machine ID … Continue reading SkyNet Memorandum

Imperial Memo

  The Empire would like to inform all active storm troopers that contrary to certain rumors afoot Christmas will continue as scheduled. The Emperor believes that in these overly politically correct times, certain traditions that made the empire great should be kept alive. With this in mind a new uniform must be adhered to affective immediate, and will remain in effect until Jan 1st 2009 Any trooper found to be in violation of this change of uniform will be asked to report to Lord Vader directly Any issues with this uniform update should be submitted in writing directly to Lord … Continue reading Imperial Memo

Week one as Dad is over

Last Thursday I had one of the biggest changes come into my life, little Thomas Frederick Walters. In one week so much has changed, I have a new found affection and sense of pride for Mum who went through so much to get him into this world and also the staff at Frances Perry who put up with us, and finally for my little man Thomas, who so far has showed that he can sleep through anything as long as his tummy is full of milk. Quick thanks to everyone who sent through well wishes and comments.

Becoming a Live Search Advocate

Last night I attended a session at Microsoft Melbourne with Hugh Williams the partner development manager for Live Search at Microsoft. Like most I’ve always been a Google searcher however after this session I’ve decided it’s time to give live search another go. The first thing that really impressed me was Live’s image search, while very similar to Google it has a couple of features that make it a much nicer experience. Also I was astounded by how good Live’s video search was, not only does it return you a thumbnail list of results but Live have pre-crawled and pre-compiled … Continue reading Becoming a Live Search Advocate

Meet my Dragon!

I received an email this morning from my colleague Chris O’Connor, apparently I have a Dragon named after me. Nilcraban, the Brutal Dragon Type: dragon Mp: 2 / 1 Lv: 2 Rarity: specialAt: 6 Df: 5 Sp: 5 Element: fire +[Fire] Death Horn At 8 Mp 2 +[Light] Lighting Flame At 9 Mp 2 Ability:Nilcraban, the Brutal Dragon ยกเลิก Death Curse ขณะที่ Nilcraban, the Brutal Dragon ต่อสู้กับ [Water] Nilcraban, the Brutal Dragon At -2 Growth Condition: [Dragon] ธาตุ [Fire] ตั้งแต่ Lv2 ขึ้นไป + [Light]Skill Growth:ทิ้งการ์ด 2 ใบในมือผู้ใช้ Skill; ทำลาย Seal ที่กำลังร่าย 1 ใบ (Inf) (At Line) (Mp 4)Illustator: Sakapop SaobaiVersion: … Continue reading Meet my Dragon!

Made it to Seattle

Today I arrived in Seattle for the MVP summit, the trip was a little more exhausting that I would have liked as I didn’t get any sleep on the flight from Melbourne to LA, then my connecting flight from LA to Seattle was delayed about 1 hour as we waited for a fuel truck to show up and refill our plane. All up I think I’ve been up for about 26 hours, but to sit in my hotel with this view it’s almost worth it. Tomorrow it’s off to the first day of the summit which should be great, not … Continue reading Made it to Seattle

Baby is ahead of schedule

Yesterday we went for the 12 week scan of our little bundle of joy, happy to say everything looks on track. The best thing is that originally we were due around 11th of October but turns out the first scan wasn’t as accurate so we’ve gained a week.  

Publishing InfoPath forms using Outlook 2007

This past weekend I was busy creating a presentation for MOSSIG on Wednesday about deploying InfoPath forms using Outlook 2007. So I thought I would put up a couple of quick instructions and how to’s that I ran into while putting this preso together. First let me answer that question “Why would I deploy my forms using Outlook?” now as we know InfoPath has a couple of options to choose from when deploying Using SharePoint server and/or Form Services Using a shared location on your network Creating an MSI package to wrap your form deployment Using outlook The first 3 … Continue reading Publishing InfoPath forms using Outlook 2007