The House Warming Party

The house warming party took place on May 29/30th, the Spring Bank Holiday Weekend. Out of all our friends and relations who where invited we had over 50 guests on the Sunday and 35 on the Monday. The paddock was host to several tents as 20+ people camped overnight. Farmer Joe lent us his big gas bbq, this was a bonus, as we cooked lunch, dinner, breakfast, lunch and dinner with it…. I don’t know, but I’m sure I did 1000’s of sausages, burgers spare ribs etc. The weather was kind to us, as everyone had a great time, asking … Continue reading The House Warming Party

The day of the move to nearly today

Thursday 21st April Well a bit of a break from the blog as we moved house and became 1. Telephone and internet less2. Busy 🙂 Anyway, here’s the latest Yesterday I took the glass out of the multi fuel burner doors as it had cracked and the old owner had found the new pieces he had bought a while ago.There are paper like gaskets to go between the glass and the cast iron clamps. Didn’t think it’d be much of a problem to find them, but having looked all over the fire I couldn’t see a make on it at … Continue reading The day of the move to nearly today

Blog moved to here, the story so far.

Berry Brook Blog   The first Slideshow or try Format 2 or in Quicktime made using Microsoft Photostory 3   The second Slideshow made using Canopus PhotoAlbum   The third Slideshow made using Canopus Imaginate   The fourth Slideshow made using Flash, click on the arrows to go forward or backwards.   A page of Pictures for those who don’t like movies     Thursday 17th February I phoned our solicitors and all systems go, our buyers have paid their deposit to us, we have paid ours to Farmer Joe and the date is set for Friday 25th February.   … Continue reading Blog moved to here, the story so far.