The day of the move to nearly today

Thursday 21st April

Well a bit of a break from the blog as we moved house and became

1. Telephone and internet less
2. Busy 🙂

Anyway, here’s the latest

Yesterday I took the glass out of the multi fuel burner doors as it had cracked and the old owner had found the new pieces he had bought a while ago.
There are paper like gaskets to go between the glass and the cast iron clamps. Didn’t think it’d be much of a problem to find them, but having looked all over the fire I couldn’t see a make on it at all.
First people I phoned couldn’t help, but very nice and gave me the name of someone else, who again nice couldn’t help and gave me someone else’s name. They had an answer phone, and still haven’t called back. I then borrowed a yellow pages and trawled through that, not being much help with all the search queries I was throwing at it.
First people, half page ad, spoke to the guy who after asking what make and me saying I don’t know, just said, you’ll have to scrap it then and buy a new one and started on a sales blurb… I told him I’d just make some and to forget it and put the phone down as he went on.
Having got the yellow pages I could then track down the necessary heading to look through on
Found a place in Pershore, very nice chap. I described the fire to him, he said it sounded like a such and such, I said I could email him piccies if it would help, he said great. I took some pictures, mailed them to him, he phoned back 5 minutes later and it was the one he thought and that the gaskets, new rope insulation and glue would come to £24 inc p&p.
They are in the post and job should be sorted tomorrow.


BT, why oh why are we stuck with them. I’ve always given them the benefit of the doubt until now. Although we changed to cable at the old house, that was for economic reason, inc the availability of cable tv and broadband at the time, I was still happy to recommend BT.

How long to get the phone installed? Over 3 weeks, even their web-site says they’ll do it in under 2…. As the line had been off for over 6 months they said an engineer HAD to come out and test it all, no other way to do it, then the operator said if when the engineer asked for the line to be turned on, on the morning he was coming out to us, if it worked ok he wouldn’t come.
Why can’t you just turn it on today?
Because an engineer has to come out to you?
You’ve just said he won’t come if when he asks for the line to be turned on it works?
That’s correct.
So why can’t you turn it on today?
Because an engineer has to come out to you.
But you’ve just said……. oh forget it, bye.
The day before the engineer was due to come I had a text message from BT saying the line had been turned on and tested, was working so the engineer wouldn’t come out to us and that the line would be turned on again at our requested date of Friday 11th March.
I very nearly phoned to say this wasn’t our requested date, but the earliest date they said we could have, and why on earth didn’t they just leave it turned on????
Next day, no phone working. We could phone our call minder, but no ringing.
Phoned BT, they said they tested it and it was working, but I said it’s not working here.
They said, not to worry you’ve got an engineer booked this afternoon, he’ll sort it
I said…… I didn’t and waited for the engineer.
He came, pleasant guy, who laughed at our troubles, drank our tea and ate our biscuits and sorted the phone. They had turned on the line, but someone else at another time had diverted our line to somebody else who had had a fault at some time or another, so the engineer merrily gave us somebody else’s unused line and we were away.

Now I’ll do the trouble we had with the internet, no, later, I’m having a cup of tea and going to do some work.


Friday 4th March

We are off, got a call and we move today…. bye for now.

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