The House Warming Party

The house warming party took place on May 29/30th, the Spring Bank Holiday Weekend. Out of all our friends and relations who where invited we had over 50 guests on the Sunday and 35 on the Monday. The paddock was host to several tents as 20+ people camped overnight.

Farmer Joe lent us his big gas bbq, this was a bonus, as we cooked lunch, dinner, breakfast, lunch and dinner with it…. I don’t know, but I’m sure I did 1000’s of sausages, burgers spare ribs etc.

The weather was kind to us, as everyone had a great time, asking when we were going to be holding another party, watch this space for more details. Back to the topic in hand though. Other than eating we laid on drinks, of course, and lots of party games. Jon and BJ were taken by the “Toss the Horshoe” game, although I’m not sure if either had any success, the Coconut shy was popular and the large draughts board I painted on the grass and used draught pieces I had made from a tree trunk was very well used. A giant game of rounders, boys v girls naturaly was the high point, or the low point as many an arguement was had – but all in good fun. The football was more heavy going, and the girls somehow managed to win the game of volleyball, but then maybe it was the fact they had about 20 players and we had only 5 was a boon. Toss the caber didn’t appear to be that popular, I’ll have to rethink that one for next time.

A picture tells a thousand words they say, so why not just sit back and watch the slideshow, taken over the two days and really captures the atmosphere.


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