Gardening today….

The weather is glorious, so we decided not to work, as we had planned, and off we went to the garden centre. Lots of £’s later we left and came home to plant everything. We thought it would take us all day we had so many. Well it’s now 17.00, we’ve been at it for 4 hours, the weeds are nearly all out and the plants are placed and ready to go in Only problem is there aren’t nearly enough of them, so it looks like another trip tomorrow and a few more £’s lighter the job of planting one sixth of the moat bank will be done!!!

The high point of the planting is the Gunnera, which is going to sit on the duck island. It will give them plenty of shade. If it grows to full size it will be 8′ tall and the leaves 6′ across. It looks like giant Rhubarb.

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