3rd Wedding Anniversary

12th of July 2005 was our third wedding anniversary, so we took the day off work and went out shopping. We came back with a few bits and bobs, and a ride on lawnmower. You’ll be able to see us testing it shortly, when I have a chance to upload the video clip. The rest of the day we pottered in the garden and generally lazed around, making good use of the glorious weather.

The next day was back to work, but I had a few things to sort on the house, so we had a guy come round to give us a quote for a cherry picker, wow expensive for more than one day. The chap who came round to quote on scaffolding still hasn’t got back to us with a price, although the office phoned and asked if we wanted to go ahead and left by saying she’d get him to call me straight away with the price….. still waiting… How do people make a success of their business running it like that?

I then gave farmer Joe a hand in bringing round half a dozen tractor bucket loads of manure, which I’ll be digging into the orchard next week, ready for seeding with grass. Must get a price on a rotavator, using a fork is back breaking!! Our intention is to remove the fence between the orchard and paddock, level it off and combine them to make it look a bigger single piece. The apple trees are doing well, the new pear trees I planted seem to be taking ok, with plenty of leaves, but the two plum trees are either dead or going to come along next year. They are still bendy, so it means they are not fully gone yet, but they haven’t shown any sign of life since planting back in late winter.

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  1. We’ve got a plum tree here too, but it only fruits every 2nd year!! Bit of a pain, but maybe yours are like that too.

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