Alex passes his driving test

Well, today Alex passed his driving test. I expect if he can borrow his Mom’s car he will be over later today. This just gives me one more thing to worry about now….   No wonder our parents always seemed to be paranoid, I am now LOL.

Sunday’s hot news

Last Saturday Alex, Dave, Farlie, Phil and I had our heads shaved for charity. Around £5-600 has been raised to go to cancer research. Rob, Alex, Dave and Farlie’s friend has his leukemia back, so it was for comradeship as well as money raising. Good for them, nice to see the younger generation having some thought other than themselves. See the video here, Well on Friday Mom and Dad came over with Lucia. We picked beans about 10lbs, Plums over 26lbs and a few apples, tomatoes, cucumbers and 1 marrow. We then had a production line running, cutting, slicing … Continue reading Sunday’s hot news

Playing catch up on news

Just a quick run down on what’s been happening. Alex has passed his theory driving test, which is bad news as he’ll be taking his practical shortly, then we won’t have a car as he tries to borrow it everyday !!!!!!! The new ride on lawn mower is causing a few arguements. I want to cut the grass everyday, Jo wants me to do the washing up. It’s certainly been agood investment though, as the paddock is now cut in around 45 minutes, rather than two people taking about an hour and a half. We still have the small mound … Continue reading Playing catch up on news