Playing catch up on news

Just a quick run down on what’s been happening.

Alex has passed his theory driving test, which is bad news as he’ll be taking his practical shortly, then we won’t have a car as he tries to borrow it everyday !!!!!!!

The new ride on lawn mower is causing a few arguements. I want to cut the grass everyday, Jo wants me to do the washing up. It’s certainly been agood investment though, as the paddock is now cut in around 45 minutes, rather than two people taking about an hour and a half.

We still have the small mound which the horse made running thorugh it though – where the old fence line was and the horses walked along. This causes a problem on mowing, as the cutters chop the top off the mound, so I have to go carefully along here. To try to get rid of the problem, Farmer Joe parked his tractor in the paddock with the 3 ton roller on the back, gave me a few instruction and let me roll the paddock. This was of benefit to the lower half, but didn’t make much difference to the mound. I still need to get a rotovator and chop the mound up and then roll it again, should do the trick I think. The Orchard has been fully integrated into the paddock either yet, as I need the rotovator for this as well, but all the fence is down.

Scaffolding has gone up outside my office, so we can check the stability of the chimneys, fix the small leek in the roof and renovate the woodwork on the North Wing.

Don’t know if I said someone had run into the back of Jo’s car, but they did and it has finally come back from being repaired, expensive for their insurers, but a good job has been done, so it’s as good as new.

We have found a nice chap to sell us antiques. Bill, he phones us when he’s seen something we may like and brings it to us to view, if we don’t want it he takes it away. From our descriptions of stuff though he is very good as we have had most of the bits he’s brought. He is very well priced, which helps. So we now have a drier over the Rayburn and a lovelly Oak Dresser in the kitchen as well.

We have a greenhouse coming this weekend, so I cna get started growing more produce. Some is going well, the Rhubarb has just about finished, I’ve picked about 15lbs of Blackcurrants, a few pounds of gooseberries and loganberries, some mint, the redcurrants disappeared into birds before we could harvest them, so we have dug up the bushes and are going to replace them with a new veg patch. The other veg is not doing well, to many rabbits and not enough fence. The damson trees are full of fruit, the apples are doing quite well, the plum tress are bursting, the pear tree is looking dodgy. ALl in all there should be plenty of fruit for later in the year.

I’m off to cut more logs ready for the winter.

Speak to you all soon…………………

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