Sunday’s hot news

Last Saturday Alex, Dave, Farlie, Phil and I had our heads shaved for charity. Around £5-600 has been raised to go to cancer research. Rob, Alex, Dave and Farlie’s friend has his leukemia back, so it was for comradeship as well as money raising. Good for them, nice to see the younger generation having some thought other than themselves.

See the video here,

Well on Friday Mom and Dad came over with Lucia. We picked beans about 10lbs, Plums over 26lbs and a few apples, tomatoes, cucumbers and 1 marrow.

We then had a production line running, cutting, slicing and bagging the beans, which went into the freezer. Mom and Dad took the plums back with them, and so far about 10lbs of jam has been produced.

Saturday we had Elaine, George, Lucy, Abi and Tommie up for a visit. That kept us busy for teh day. We had a lovely meal out and followed that with a trip to the park. George and I looked after the kids while the girls went show shopping. On their return the kids and I went into the paddling pool for 1/2 an hour, great fun splashing everyone. It was then back to ours, a nice cool drink, dry clothes and then played football in the paddock.

Today, is absolutely glorious. Alex is at V for the weekend, so I hope he has a cap or he’ll have a terribly sunburnt head, Dave as well, as he’s hair was very light when it was long, it looks none existent now!!

So, after spending the morning lazing around, reading the paper, we got going in the garden. Around 4pm I noticed a small plume of black smoke. I called to Jo to get her opinion, and in the time it took me to get from the side of the house to inside the kitchen the flames were taller than the trees. The wheat field at teh end of Joe’s land, next to the track down to Berry Brook was well and truely alight. Even from our distance we could hear the roar. The fire brigade were called, but they had already had a call and sent an engine. Jo wasn’t happy with one, so phoned again to tell them how bad it was, and they had already dispatched a further 2 engines and a large water carrier.

The girls with the horses and I went down to try and move the Shetland, who’s field was next to the lane, and sheperded the cows up to the house end of their field.

Luckily the firemen controlled it and it’s now all but out. This was my first experience of what a bush fire may be like and it was scary how fast it travels. I also noticed how, at one stage, it appeared to be virtually out, only for it to take hold again and in a couple of seconds to be producing flames some 30′ or more and rushing across the field faster than I could hope to run.

The weather’s still nice so it’s back into the garden. Today I’m moving the goosebury bushes, to make room for the greenhouse to go up.

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