Chasetown FC, the replay

Well the first tie had everyone on their toes, as Chasetown took a well deserved lead, only to be pegged back to 1-1 at the end. The replay saw 2,700 Chasetown fans take to the roads in 29 coaches and plenty of private cars. This is the largest away crowd Oldham have seen in many a year, and in fact made up nearly 40% of the total crowd. We out sang them before, during and after the match, even though we went down 4-0, we had the greater part of the play and it was a shame that they took advantage by scoring on the very few breakaways that they had. By the time all the Oldham fans had left their own ground, we were still singing and cheering our brave footballers. They had all taken days off work to take part in this match, as none of them are professionals. They were well looked after though, as Manchester United lent them their training facilities and made us feel most welcome.

Well, maybe next year.

I’m back to supporting West Bromwich Albion now, my local duties done. Today we won 4-0, a trouncing of Everton – phew.

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