Been quite………

It’s been very quite on the blogging front… due to much work taking place on the house.

All the major work for the engineer and mortgage company has been finished, making and attaching metalwork to support beams, repointing chimneys etc.

We then moved on to the kitchen, which so far has been slow in progress. The design stage took a while to get to how we wanted, then it was a nightmare dealing with planning to try to re-install single glazed windows. We have double glazed aluminium at present in most windows. The conservation officer wanted us to put in good wooden single glazed windows, planning officer didn’t want to know – jobs worth – even told me the government decries we all fit energy efficient double glazing. So double glazing it is, but still wooden and they did allow the fitting of a new window to brighten up the kitchen in daylight.

The wood was measuerd and ordered, that took a while as we specifically wanted grade 1 douglas fir with a close vertical grain, expensive as well!! It should be here today.

In the mean time I’ve been hacking away at the plaster as all the cement based stuff needs removing and replacing with lime based plaster.

We now have our dog, Lucy a Border Collie, she’s loving the freedom of about  an acre of garden to run round in and has been helping me with the sheep. Her favourite pasttime is runnign and barking at teh birds flying overhead to tell them to go away – which they always do……

Well back to work now.

One thought on “Been quite………

  1. Yeah about time this was updated!! Been checking it every day since November – but nothing!
    Double glazing is a good idea though, no?

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